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 Ph.D.             University of Kentucky, Sociology, May 2015 “Can I have that on the side?”: Women’s experiences and meaning-making of outside relationships concurrent to primary partnerships Committee: Claire Renzetti (Chair), Members: Edward Morris, Shaunna Scott, and Melissa Stein

Exam Areas: Gender & Sexuality; Social Inequality; Marriage, Family & Relationships; Media and Culture (2014)

M.Ed.            Educational Administration, Texas State University, 2010   Thesis: Opting Out as a Means of Exerting Control: The Underachievement of Boys on a High-performing Campus . Certification: Secondary Principal (6-12)

 Post-Bac      Education, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, 1995

Cert                Certification: Secondary English Teacher (6-12)

B.A.               English, University of Tampa, 1992          


Recipient     Summer Faculty Fellowship, College of Humanities and Public Affairs,

 Missouri State University, Summer 2016 ($6,000)

Recipient     Summer Faculty Fellowship, College of Education, Missouri State

 University, Summer 2015 ($6,000)

Recipient     University of Kentucky Beers Fellowship, May 2013 ($1,000)




Intimate sexual relationships

Social inequalities in education


Sociology of Sexuality

Sociology of Gender

Courtship, Love, and Romance (Sociology of Marriage)

Introduction to Sociology

Social Inequalities

Social Problems

Sociology of Family



4 terms                       -   SOC 315 The Family (MSU online Summer 17; online SU18;

                                          online SP19)

-   SOC 334 Sociology of Families (UK SP15)

2 terms                       -   SOC 152 Social Problems (F17; SP19)

1 term                         -   SOC 397 Courtship, Love, and Romance (Fall 17)

4 terms                       -   SOC 235 Inequalities in Society (University of Kentucky, online         

                                          Summer 12 & 14; in person 15)

-   SOC 420 Social Inequality (MSU, online SU17; online  SU18)

8 terms, 10 sections -   SOC 150 Introduction to Society (Missouri State University; F15; 

                                          SP 16; F16; F17; SP18; F18)

                                    -   SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (Transylvania University


-   SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology: Intimate Relationships (UK F14)

5 terms                       -   SOC 350 Sociology of Sexuality (inaugural course at UK F13; SP  14)

-   SOC 397/SOC 311 Sociology of Sexuality (inaugural course at MSU SP 16; SP18; F18) Got course approved through Senate and assigned a permanent number (SOC 311)

1 term                         -   SOC 337 Sociology of Gender (MSU F16)

1 term                         -   SOC 339 Crime, Law, Deviance (University of Kentucky F14)

 Teaching Assistant:

3 terms                      -    Introduction to Sociology

1 term                        -    Sociology of Gender

1 term                        -    Work and Organizations


8/2016—present      Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Missouri State University

                                     --Graduate Faculty Status, Missouri State University

                                     --Graduate Faculty Status, University of Missouri

8/2015—7/2016       Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Missouri State University

1/2015—4/2015        Adjunct instructor, Transylvania University

8/15/11—6/23/15     Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky

Microteaching Leader, Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation and Training, University of Kentucky, August 18-20, 2014

Summer 2012           Research Assistant to Dr. Brea Perry

                                    Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky

Study on: Poverty, culture, and consumption in families and communities: Exploring the link between childhood obesity and socioeconomic status

8/08-6/11                  Founding Faculty, English Teacher, Walsh Middle School, Round Rock ISD, Round Rock, TX

                        Cooperating Teacher for Student Teacher

                        Coordinator Mentoring Program

                        Coordinator After-School Program

                        Team Leader

                        Administrative Intern

 8/06-6/08                 English Teacher, Stony Point High School

                                     RRISD, Round Rock, TX

                                     Student Council Sponsor                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

 8/94-1/96                  English Teacher, Copperas Cove ISD, Copperas Cove, TX

                                     Junior High and High School


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Invited Expert, Sexplanations, Freudenberger House Program, Missouri State University, November 13, 2017.

Invited Expert, Sexplanations, Hammons House Program. Missouri State University. February 9, 2017.

Invited Expert, Safe Sex, Wells House Program. Missouri State University. October 27, 2016.

Panel Expert, Sexplanations. Freudenberger House Program, Missouri State University, February 9, 2016.

SOC 302 Research Methods, Lecture on Qualitative Methods and Ethical Quandaries (Fall 2014)

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology, Lecture on sexuality (SP2014)

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology, Lecture on sexuality and gender (SP2013)

SOC 302: Sociological Research Methods, Lecture on Qualitative methods (SP2014)

K-Week Session (Freshman Orientation), “Succeeding in SOC 101,” University of

       Kentucky, August 27, 2013

Panel Expert, Sex in the Dark, Resident Student Association, University of Kentucky, March, 27, 2014.


2019 – Presidential Scholarship Committee, Missouri State University. Honors College.


2018 -- Scholarship Committee, Missouri State University, Sociology Department.


2016. -- Hiring Committee, Missouri State University, Sociology Department. Member.

           --Filled two assistant professor positions.                                  

2016 -- Recruitment Committee, Missouri State University, Sociology Department.

& 2017           Sole Member.

           --Sociology majors increased from 60 to 99; Sociology minors increased              

           substantially as well.                                                          

2014 -- Session Moderator, Sociology panel, National Conference on Undergraduate

              Research, “Readiness for the Future: Maximizing Undergraduate Research.”

             University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. April 3-5

2014 -- Session Moderator, Psychology panel, National Conference on Undergraduate

              Research, “Readiness for the Future: Maximizing Undergraduate Research.”  

              University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. April 3-5

2012 -- Grant Review Service. Grassroots Grant, Partners for Youth, Lexington, KY

2018- -- Member, Contemporary Council on Families Media Awards Committee

2017 – Invited and as quoted as an expert, Redbook

2017 – Invited and quoted as an expert, Today Show

2018 – Invited and quoted as an expert, BTR Today

2018 – Invited and quoted as an expert, Men’s Health

2018 – Invited and quoted as an expert, Times Higher Ed & Inside Higher Ed

2018 – Invited and quoted as an expert, Springfield News-Leader & USA Today

2018 – Invited and quoted as an expert, Toronto Star

Journal Reviewer Service

2018               Invited Reviewer Current Psychology

2018               Invited Reviewer Journal of Asian and African Studies

2017                Invited Reviewer Missouri Academy of Science Transactions Journal

2016                Invited Reviewer American Sociological Review

2016                Invited Reviewer Journal of Research on Women and Gender

2016                Invited Reviewer Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and

                         Sociology (Compaso)                                                       

2015                Invited Reviewer for Women’s Studies Journal           
2015                Invited Reviewer for The High School Journal

2014                Invited Reviewer for Teacher Education Quarterly   

2012-2017     Referee for Journal of Bisexuality; Journal of Gender Studies; Journal of

                         Sex Research

2012-2013     Reviewer for Journal of the Education of the Gifted   

2012                Conference Reviewer for National Women’s Studies Association                                                                                                 

2010                Conference Reviewer for UCEA and AERA                  

2006-2009    Reviewer for English Journal


American Sociological Association

Society for the Scientific Study of Sex